Random Pictures Of Maddie

Random Pictures Of Maddie

It’s a good thing I have Maddie around or I might not have ANYTHING to write about. Smile But I can’t deprive grandparents of pictures of their granddaughter, now can I?

Here are a couple pictures I took of her on her birthday. I might have overdone it with the pink! Smile And, in our house, you are allowed to walk around with your breakfast on your birthday.

She was licking her plate clean. She loves sloppy joes! Smile 

She loves my CamelBak water bottle and I think she has claimed it as her own.

Making thank you cards for all the wonderful gifts she got for her birthday. This was a lot of work to get them all done. I had to do them in sections so she would stay interested. And it was also a struggle to get her to understand that crayons are not for eating. Smile 

Admiring her work.

She loves putting things into things. Here is is putting forks into a cup.

And carrying the cup around after pushing her baby stroller into the kitchen.

And Maddie loves her picnic basket. She carries it around the house. And lately, she has wanted to sit by the fireplace. So she took her basket there to sit with it.

And she carries it around like a purse. Such a girly girl! (This was while she was running to her chair.)

And when she got to her chair, she sat there playing with the basket again.

She is so serious about things and does tasks so deliberately. I would love to know what was going through her mind and I can’t wait until she can talk and tell us all the things she is thinking. Smile 

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