29 Weeks!

29 Weeks!

I’m 29 weeks now. Well, yesterday. According to the ticker on my site, BG#2 (Baby Girl #2) is the size of a squash. She is definitely much stronger than a squash, though! Oofda, this girl has some muscles!

tickerticker (1)

I’m only excited about 29 weeks because I have 10 weeks left until my scheduled c-section! The weather is getting cooler and reality of how little time is left before BG#2 gets here is sinking in! Smile 

Here’s a little picture of me this week.


And here I was at 29 weeks with Maddie.


Hard to tell, but I might be a little bigger this week this time around. Smile My doc says I am right on track. (And I need to wear that dress in the above pic! It’s pretty cute!

Miss Maddie and I are off to the zoo for a while! Enjoy your Wednesday!


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