State Fair

State Fair

I look forward to the end of August because it means the State Fair is here! I really only go for the food. We went last year, but Maddie didn’t really get a whole lot out of it. This year was totally different. Aside from getting some new teeth and being a crabby wabby, she seemed to have fun! And she seemed to enjoy the food as much as we do!

I have not been able to get Maddie to eat corn. She picks it out of things. But apparently I have been doing it wrong. I needed to slather it in butter and salt and that’s apparently all it takes for her to want to dive right in!


She wrinkled up her face every time she took a bite. Then asked for more. it cracked us up! And I have noticed her pretending to eat her plastic toy corn. But she still has yet to eat corn off her plate at a meal. Smile 

Then we had some fries! Maddie loves fries and ketchup, so we knew this would be a hit with her. She sat so nicely in a shady spot we found and had a grand old time with her fries and ketchup (or “da do” as she likes to call ketchup).


I decided to try a pretzel this year with a coupon someone gave me. Maddie was skeptical at first, but then decided she liked licking the salt off the pretzel. Thankfully she wasn’t interested in my cup of cheese that went with it….more for me!


Before we left, we made sure to get some cookies! Maddie, of course, loved them! We did find that she took a couple bites, then decided that she just wanted the chocolate chips, so she started sticking her fingers in the chocolate….and then got it all over herself. Smile 


And no, it doesn’t look like she’s a huge mess, but for her, this is messy! She also had it all over her leg and up her thigh from wiping it on her leg. Smile 

The only food we got that she didn’t want to try was a pronto pup. Again, more for me! But I am sure next year, she’s going to want her very own!

We took her a kid area that we found. She could color and put stickers on a fan. She refused to color, but she loved the stickers!


Here’s one I thought was cute of Maddie and me.


Then, I tried to get a cute picture of Chuck and Maddie. Maddie was not cooperating. She’s adorable, but man, she cannot just look at the camera! Smile 





Nice, Maddie. We’re going to have to have a talk with her when she is older about that crazy tongue of hers! One thing I love about these pictures, though is how blue Chuck and Maddie’s eyes are! Wow! I just love them both!

Overall, we had a great time! Oh, and yes, we did take Maddie to see some animals and she made noises at them. Smile And she loved the DNR building. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t pet all the stuffed animals. Silly girl. Smile

HERE are all the pictures we took this year at the fair in case you are interested.


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