Crazy Baby

Crazy Baby

The other day I took a video of my stomach moving because little man has been going crazy in there. I’m actually looking forward to him getting a little bigger so he has less room to jam his appendages up under my ribs and poke me so low that I’m afraid he will fall out. It’s definitely creepy to watch sometimes. It’s like an alien is going to push right out of you.

And I didn’t mean to take the video vertically. My camera was sideways, but decided to change it. Blah.

If the video doesn’t work, you can see it here.


2 thoughts on “Crazy Baby

  1. Well Honey – It is obvious he is a mover and a shaker – and I think he may be a future gymnastic gold medal winner – He is to say the least an active little child – What made the video more interesting was the striped top you had on – made it easy to decipher how many of his little body parts were moving at the same time – as the stripes were going every which way – with no interruption – Gracious me – you must be completely exhausted by days end if he keeps this up all day – When the little tyke arrives you may just want to get him a trampoline – seems like he would find that an enjoyable pastime – Loved the video – Thanks for sharing it was pretty fun to watch …How do you sleep at night with that little rascal movin’ and groovin’ – Thanks for sharing…

  2. I totally know what you mean! There were a couple awkward weeks of jabbing & what looked like alien activity before baby got big enough to limit movement. It kind of freaked me out (and some of the jabs hurt)! But it was quick to pass, in retrospect. 🙂

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