Here’s What I Have to Say:

Here’s What I Have to Say:


Maddie has been really into “reading” books to Dannie. Her favorite books to read are two that we have been reading to Dannie at bedtime since she was just a baby. Maddie now has them memorized and likes to hold to book and “read” to Dannie at bedtime. She’s really good to make sure she even shows Dannie the pictures! The other day, I couldn’t get over how sweet her “reading” was, so I decided to get it on tape...

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Chuck’s mom and sister always come up with such fun gifts for the girls. For Maddie’s birthday, they put together a science kit for her! We went out to dinner at Pizza Ranch (Maddie’s favorite place to go) and then we Skype’d with Chuck’s mom in Florida while Maddie opened her present! Maddie even let Dannie help a little. And here’s our adorable niece being a ham for the camera. And here are a couple videos of Maddie and Chuck...

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Mexican Stuffed Peppers

The other night we made these Mexican Stuffed Peppers. They were really easy and really tasty. We had them for dinner, I had them for lunch and then we had some with dinner tonight. And we still have a couple left (I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow!). First you cook the onions and quinoa. While the onion/quinoa cooks, add the enchilada sauce to a pan, cut and prep the peppers and prep your other ingredients. Then mix everything...

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Oodles Of Presents

Maddie was one spoiled loved little girl this year for her birthday. We didn’t end up opening presents at the birthday party because I invited so many people. But we took lots of pictures of her opening them. If you don’t want to see all the pictures….feel free to skip this post. And if you want to see her opening your present, scroll to find yours! Thank you again for all the wonderful gifts!

Bared To You

On the recommendation of a friend, I read this book. She said it was similar to Shades of Grey, but she liked it better. Since it was available through the library, I thought I would give it a try. Here’s a link to the book on Amazon and here is a synopsis. Gideon Cross came into my life like lightning in the darkness… He was beautiful and brilliant, jagged and white-hot. I was drawn to him as I’d never been...

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Maddie’s 3rd Birthday Party

For Maddie’s birthday this year (which yes, was almost a month ago now), we went to Good Times Park. It was a ton of fun and I invited so many friends and family. Everyone had a great time and I was worried about how her party would go for nothing. Some of the kids playing with the building blocks. Maddie and Chelsea love each other and didn’t stray too far from each other all morning. Chelsea was sad when Maddie...

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Mushroom & Wild Rice Soup

I’ve been in a bit of an eating rut and decided to look up some new recipes to get me motivated. When I found this, it was FREEZING outside (today we got up to 40*!!!!!) and I was hankering for some soup.  Here is the recipe I found and used. It was really easy to make. First you chop up the onions (I added carrots and celery, so I chopped those up, too). Then you chop up the mushrooms. I...

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March MOPS Calendar

Here’s the March MOPS calendar with ideas for the month!

Do What Matters

I’ve been struggling to find the right balance in my life. I am a pleaser. I do things that I think others need/want/expect me to do over things that make me happy. I found this image and have it on my phone as a reminder to myself: It has been quite useful. I was stressed last week and upset over a multitude of different things. None of the things bothering me were a big deal in and of themselves, but...

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Dancing Machine

Maddie loves dancing. The other day I got a couple videos of her dancing. She was cracking me up. She’s got some pretty sweet moves. And I love that she is dancing while watching her reflection in the fireplace. And Dannie even gets in a few little wiggles, too. Oh, she makes me laugh!

Funny Girl

Maddie is cracking me up today. Here’s a few of the things that have made me laugh. While eating bug shaped noodles: “Hey mom, that bug went right in my mouth. I chewed him and swallowed him. Silly little buggies.” Then “He leaped in my mouth mom.” While I was going to the bathroom, she hops into the doorway, falls to the floor and says, “I’m sad I’m not 2 anymore.” With her fingers covered in grated parmesan cheese: “it’s...

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Growing Up So Quickly

Today, Dannie is 15 months old. And on Sunday, Maddie turns 3!!! Time is flying by. These girls are changing so quickly every day. I can hardly believe it. Maddie is a talking machine! Dannie is surprising me each day with all the things she knows. Side note: with your first kid, you spend a bunch of time teaching them sounds, shapes, colors, everything. With your second, you just don’t have the time. Sure, I read to Dannie, but not...

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February MOPS Calendar

I’m finally posting this a couple weeks late, but maybe you can find some fun, new ideas this month!

Dressing Up

Maddie loves dressing up. We have a couple boxes full of various dress up clothes. Here are some of her combinations. At least she’s creative!

Our Little Singer

Alternate titles considered: “Videos to Embarrass Your Child Later In Life” “Videos to Hold on to In Case She’s Famous One Day” “If Only She Could Stay This Small & Sweet Forever” “I Think We Need to Get Her Some Private Lessons” Maddie is really into singing and making up songs/words right now. This morning she grabbed a stool, found her guitar and started singing at the top of her lungs in front of the fireplace to the cartoons on...

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Recent Videos

I have been taking videos of the girls, but I never do anything with them. So I recently uploaded some and thought I would share. For Christmas, my mom gave Maddie a vanity. She intended to get fake makeup, but got her real stuff by accident. So I was on the hunt for some fake stuff. I found a great place online, Mini-Play Makeup. Maddie loved it and here’s a video of her putting it on. One night at dinner...

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Reading Rut

I’ve been in a reading rut. I have about 6 books (maybe more) started on my Kindle right now. I keep starting them hoping I’ll be able to finish one. It appears that I get about 40% into a book and just stop. I don’t know if it’s boredom in reading, poor book choices or any list of other reasons. No matter what it is, I am in a reading rut. Part of it stems from the fact that there...

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My Little Baker

Maddie loves to bake. Muffins, cookies, heck, she just likes to help out in the kitchen. She gets giddy to set or clear the table for meals. Maddie loves making muffins. And since I am lazy, I buy muffins that I need to add only water to. She likes to stir, put the batter into the tray, eat the batter and then devour the muffins. At Christmas, she did a great job cutting out cookies and decorating them. And one...

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Final Christmas Celebration

We had our final Christmas celebration last week while Chuck’s mom was back in town from Florida. We had a great time… Our niece, Amira, was handing out presents. Maddie sat with all her presents and had a blast opening them! Amira got a bunch of art stuff. Her face cracks me up in this picture! Maddie and Dannie playing with one of Dannie’s presents. Awe…family photo. Dannie was throwing a tantrum while Chuck was trying to help Maddie with...

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Favorite Books For Kids

We do a lot of reading around here and there’s a good chance when you ask Maddie what she wants to do, her answer will be “go to the library”. And since I write about the books I read, I figured I should write about some I read to the girls, too. A while back, I did a post about a series of books I love…Mommy Calls Me Monkeypants. Maddie (ok…really it’s me) has some new favorites. Won’t You Be...

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