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1. 365 days of GiST!

2. Sticking to this for a whole year.

3. Week 14 starts!

4. Getting up and going for a nice walk.

5. Finally starting to look a little pregnant….just a little! 🙂



1. Posting about the baby on Facebook and seeing how blessed we are to have such great friends and family.

2. How cute it sounds to hear Chuck and others call him “dad”.

3. How nice it feels to not keep such a big secret anymore.

4. Still being able to fit in most of my clothes and not need to spend money on new ones yet.

5. A walk around the neighborhood, chatting with neighbors and checking out the new park!



1. Packing up and heading home from the cabin. It’s always sad to leave, but it’s always nice to take a shower in something other than the lake!

2. Taking a shower in clean water and not the lake.

3. It’s August already! I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by!

4. Car rides and listening to music!
5. Ice cream cake with the neighbors.



1. Hanging out at the cabin.

2. Sitting around by the lake, on the lake or looking at the lake.

3. Getting to tell a couple more friends about the baby.

4. Laughing a lot!

5. Sleeping in a tent. It’s so peaceful!



1. Getting up early to get to work early, so I can leave early!

2. Wearing “cabiny” clothes to work.

3. Heading to a friend’s cabin for the weekend.

4. Getting my glasses adjusted.

5. Sending an email out to our families telling them about the baby!



1. Getting to see our baby again today.

2. Seeing that the baby is healthy and moving and looks good.

3. Getting my finger pricked, twice, and not even caring!

4. Getting to tell more friends about the baby.

5. Finding out Brooke had her baby and getting to go see her tonight.



1. Things the size of peaches.

2. Realizing I don’t have to stay late tomorrow.

3. Keeping busy to make the day go by quickly.

4. Getting some things packed and ready for the weekend.

5. Watching tv in bed and anxiously awaiting news about my friends’ baby.



1. Week 13 starts!

2. Wearing a comfortable and cute pink dress.

3. My mom is picking me up from work so I don’t have to take the bus!

4. Dinner with my mom, Charlie and Chuck.

5. Oreo shake for dessert.



1. A new kind of V8 Fusion – Peach Mango! YUMMY!

2. Lots and lots of fruits.

3. Getting my new glasses!

4. Selling the green Jetta.

5. Finding another pair of pants that still fit comfortably! 🙂



1. Sleeping in a little bit.

2. Going for a nice morning walk.

3. Napping/hanging out on the couch watching “Weeds”.

4. Going to Chuck’s mom’s house for dinner.

5. Talking a walk around their neighborhood with them.