pomegranate…the devil fruit

pomegranate…the devil fruit

It turns out that pomegranates are in season right now. I have found that I love things that are pomegranate flavored and thought I would give this tasty fruit a try.

So I researched the crap out of them online. How you eat them. What part you eat. All the things I didn't know about them.

I bought a pomegranate and thought it seemed like a fun adventure for a Friday night. Man was I wrong. Here's what I did after following instructions I found online.

1. Here is my pomegranate.

2. You cut off the crown.

3. Then you score the skin in various places without cutting through the seeds.

4. Next, place it in the water with the cut end facing down for about 10 minutes. (I had started the next step and realized I hadn't taken a picture of this step.)

5. Now you pull it apart and pull out the seeds. I guess the water loosens the membrane around the seeds so they come out more easily.

6. As you pull the seeds out of the pomegranate, the seeds will sink and the membrane will float.

7. After you have released all the seeds, take out any of the membrane floating on the top. Then strain the water out and you are left with the pomegranate seeds.

I read that you can eat the whole seed. There's a tiny seed in the middle which is surrounded by the juice and a thin layer holding it all in. You can also put the whole thing in your mouth, pop the thin layer and release the juice and then discard the seed. This was the option I chose. I did not care for the seed. But the seed is what holds the most health benefits.

Also, a whole pomegranate has around 105 calories. I think I managed to eat about 2 calories.

Now why might I call this the devil fruit? Because this whole process took FOREVER. A pomegranate has hundreds of those little seeds inside and you need to pull them all out. Then they are tiny, so you need to eat them one (or a few at a time) if you eat them the way I did. And you just get a TINY bit of juice out of each one. They were tasty, but so annoyingly frustrating.

So I would not get one of these again. They just weren't worth it. If you want to give it a try, feel free, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Now I know why pomegranate juice is so expensive!

One thought on “pomegranate…the devil fruit

  1. Lol. Great story.
    I very, very, vaguely remember my first time. I remember the fruit, and I remember the seeds, I’ve had one again since, but I remembered it just fine. That said, it was the lady who “gave” me my first one that stood out. It was what she said. “Oh, so you’re gonna have some of the “Devil’s fruit” are you?”
    I’ve remembered that all my life.
    My daughter just commented, “I want to try a Pomegranate some time.”
    “Oh, so you’re gonna have some of the “Devil’s fruit” are you?” I replied.
    Then came looking to see if I had remembered it right. That it “was” in fact “The Devil’s fruit,” and I found your post.
    Funny stuff!

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