10 Months Old

10 Months Old

Can it be? My little baby is 10 months old already! I think she is growing up too fast! She really seems to be getting more independent each day and it cracks me up to see all the funny things she has been doing!

Maddie (or Maddy….I can’t decide) has gotten 4 more teeth this month. the front four teeth on the top have all poked through. She is going to look so different with more teeth! And with those teeth, she has been eating mostly solid foods. I feed her yogurt for breakfast, but for her other meals and snacks, it’s all finger foods. She will eat just about anything and loves to try whatever we are eating.

An even bigger milestone this month has been her walking. The day after my birthday, about 5 weeks ago, she took her first steps. And since about a week ago, she has definitely taken to walking more than crawling. I would definitely call her a walker now. She is still a little wobbly at times, but she gets right back up and keeps going. At times I think she really wants to run. I wish she would get walking down before she starts running across the room or we are going to have some bumps and bruises!

Maddy got sick for the first time this month. It was right after her 9 month doctor’s appointment. We think it was because she was trying to walk around the room trying to lick everything she could find and brought something home with her. She just had a temp and was a little crabby for a couple days. But for her first time being sick, it wasn’t too bad! Here’s to hoping she is healthy for Christmas after a couple days in daycare….I’ll go into that soon.

Maddy loves to stand on her head and be upside down. We call her “tripod” when she does this. It cracks me up. She really wants us to come and roll her over like a somersault. Silly girl!



I put up our Christmas tree and I was a little worried about how Maddy was going to take to it. But she looked at it and gently inspected it, then walked away like it wasn’t even there. Even days later, she still doesn’t care that it’s there very much. But I also haven’t put any ornaments on it. I was proud I put the tree up and stopped there. Smile






Oh, and I forgot, she got her first big fall/injury this month. We were playing n her tree house and she got really excited and darted away from me into the wall of the tree house…which was touching the wall behind it. She smacked her nose on the wall and then slid down a bit and scraped some skin off her nose. There were tons of tears. I got some pictures. She ended up getting a bruise across the arch of her nose. Poor peanut!

So here are a couple pictures from this month.

Crazy Hair:


Such a ham….

This is the face she made every time my flash lit up. Such a goofball!



Maddy loves her books!



I have a bunch of videos to post. I will do a video dump tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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