Chicken No Peek

Well, since my last couple food posts were meals that didn’t really turn out (the Egg Bake and the Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups)…I thought I should post a meal that turned out better. And this meal is a new go-to for me. I just love it! It’s so simple and turns out great every time!

HERE is the recipe that I came across and followed.

First mix the cans of soup with the minute rice. The first few times I made it, I used Cream of Mushroom and Broccoli Cheddar soups. This time (when I remembered to take pictures) I used Cream of Chicken and Cheddar Cheese soups.

The you put it into a greased baking dish and top with half a packet of onion soup mix.

Top with chicken breasts. And then cover the chicken with the rest of the onion soup mix.

Cover and put into the oven and bake for about and hour. It comes out looking like this!

It is so yummy! I am sure there are endless soup combinations you could do with this meal. The next time I make it, I am going to use brown rice instead of white rice. Oh man, I get hungry looking at this picture! I need to put it on my food menu rotation again soon!

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