Maddie’s Birthday Party

Maddie’s Birthday Party

I’m finally getting around to posting pictures (and videos) from Maddie’s birthday party. We had such a great time. I invited so many people (friends and family) and everyone was so generous with gifts for her!

I didn’t go to crazy with decorations. Just balloons, really. I got a cake for her and made meats for tacos with lots of toppings. The tacos were a huge hit! And I didn’t even go too overboard with food. I didn’t have too much leftover, which is funny because I always make way too much food for people.

Here are a few pictures. (My mom and brother did all the picture taking for me since I am terrible at remembering to take pictures.)

We hung some pictures from Maddie’s 1 year photo shoot on the sliding door.

We rearranged the furniture a bit so we could fit more people in. It worked out great.

Maddie liked her cake. Well, the frosting. Smile I don’t think she ate one bite of cake.

Here’s a short video of “Happy Birthday” and her first bite of cake.

Maddie had fun with all her friends and opening presents. She is getting much better at opening gifts. Next year is going to be a lot of fun!

After most people left, we took pictures with Maddie and a few people. Here are the best pictures we got with a squirmy toddler! Smile 

My dad and step-mom, Gwen.

My mom and step-dad, Dave.

Chuck’s step-mom, Jean and her nephew, Noah.

My brother, Adam and his fiancé, Katie.

And my little, silly family!

HERE is a link to all of the pictures from her birthday party if you want to look through all of them.

Thank you to everyone that came to the party and spoiled our little girl. She is very loved!

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