15 Months Old

15 Months Old

We just went to Maddie’s 15 month check up. The doctor was quite impressed by her. (I’m happy even if the doctor tells that to everyone!) She was 32” tall (long?) and weighed 19 pounds 7.5 ounces. She’s just a tiny little thing. Well, tall and tiny. It’s a challenge to find pants. She is long, but her waist is small. Maybe she would fatten up a little if she ever stopped moving. Smile 

Maddie has learned to climb on things. She can’t quite get on the couch, but she did learn (just yesterday) how to get on the couch by climbing up the speaker next to the couch. She giggles at herself and is oh so proud. Smile She will also climb up if she moves a toy near the couch to use as a step.

Maddie is growing up so fast. She is learning something new every day. Just yesterday, we video taped this new trick she learned….after one try, she had it down!

Maddie is a little sponge these days. She tries to repeat or copy everything. I need to make a list of all the things she says, so here seems like a good place to do that. Smile

* Words (16): mama, dada, hi, uh oh, oh no, up, down (dahn), wheee (eeeee), no (usually “no no no no”), banana (balalala), puppy (pa), duck (da), book (buh), bow, waffle (ahhh bah), baby (babeee – just learned that one today and hasn’t stopped saying it)

* Signs (5): more (points at one palm), all done (wipes hands together), diaper (scratching motion), please (rubs chest/stomach), drink (extends arm and waves hand wildly)

* Animal noises (10): cow (oooo), pig (snorts), monkey (ahh ahh), owl (ooo ooo), bear/lion (growls/roars), lizard (sticks her tongue out repeatedly), sheep (ba ba), snake (shh noise), rooster (oodle oodle oo), fish (makes a fish face)

* Other: can point to her head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, belly, lifts her shirt up for belly button, waves bye, shakes head “no,” blows kisses, if we say “GOAL” she sticks her arm out like the refs do, sticks her arms up for “touchdown” instead of “so big,” sees something with its mouth open – she imitates it.

* Just learned but not consistent: worm (wiggles), cat (mew mew), if I ask her “where is mommy’s baby?” or “where does mommy have a baby?”, she will point at my stomach. So cute!

I am sure I forgot some of the things she can say, but it’s hard to remember them all. I feel better getting a list written down somewhere to look back on one day.

Maddie loves to throw things away and will hold our hand now.

Ok, enough bragging….here are a couple pictures.


Belly Button!

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