Maddie Randomness

Maddie Randomness

I have a number of pictures that don’t really need their own post, but I wanted to make sure I got them on here some day. So here’s a bunch of random photos for your enjoyment.

Maddie has been getting teeth for what seems like months. She loves ice cubes. She likes to hold on to them, eat them, play with them in a cup….she especially likes them when it’s warm outside.



I recently bought Maddie a water table off CraigsList and Maddie loves it. Most of the water ended up outside of the table and her favorite thing to do was to dump the water out by the cupful!



One day, Maddie threw her biggest tantrum yet. She threw herself around like a fish out of water, wailing at everything. Eventually, she got really mad and went into the dining room to cry for while. After her tantrum, she decided she was done and decided she loved me again. Then proceeded to eat my lunch. I had to get a picture of her tantrum.


I took Maddie and one of our neighbor boys to the zoo. Maddie loves these boys and they just love her. It’s so cute. It’s a bad picture, but Jackson was so proud to be helping Maddie out at the zoo!


Maddie LOVED the cotton candy! Not that I was surprised by this at all! Smile



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