Maddie’s New Room

Maddie’s New Room

I have been dying to switch Maddie into her new room. We decided to move her because the room we are moving her to is above the garage and has two outside walls. So it is colder in the winter. Something Maddie can handle just fine, but not the best for a newborn. I did a little post about moving all the junk out of the new room a while back.

After finally moving everything out, Chuck and I did some new furniture shopping. After getting frustrated looking for something new and not finding something we liked (good quality, but not quite as expensive as Maddie’s furniture), we gave up and moved her furniture into the new room. We have just put off shopping for the new baby for now. Smile 

So I worked my butt off a few days and moved all the stuff into Maddie’s room. I moved everything but the big chair, because that needed to be moved from downstairs. (Our neighbor helped with that.) 

I have some in-progress pictures, but that isn’t any fun! So here is her room 99% finished!

This is standing in the doorway.

This is standing in the closet.

The changing table…I’m standing between the chair and crib. The baby monitor is stacked on boxes and a trash can right now. We didn’t want to mount it to the wall until we were happy with the room arrangement.

The movers under the crib legs still need to be removed. I had been moving things around the room and left them there until I was sure I liked things the way they were.

Here’s a close-up of her reading nook. She likes to sit with the bear and read books or play with her toys.

Here is the big chair I moved to her room. It used to be in the living room, but all of Maddie’s toys have kind of taken over the living room. So it only made sense to get rid of the chair to open it up a bit more.

Maddie playing in her room. She likes to sit on the blanket with her dolls and toys.

Here is a closer picture of the stick on alphabet I put between her windows. I am really happy with them. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to put there, but these are perfect!

And here’s a shot of her closet. A lot of stuff was just left in her old room since it will be used for Baby #2. So I only brought things into her new room that she actually needs. (And no, she doesn’t need a ladder. I just haven’t moved that out of the closet yet.)

There you have it. A tour of Maddie’s new room. She really likes it. We play in there a lot and her playroom is right outside the door, so she takes toys from there into the room all the time. I love how it turned out. I’m actually getting a little excited to start working on the baby’s room, but we won’t do anything in there until we find out if Baby #2 is a boy or a girl. (Just a couple short weeks!)


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