It’s Another GIRL!

It’s Another GIRL!

Friday morning, Chuck and I went in to have my 20 week ultrasound. We asked the ultrasound woman not to tell us because we wanted her to write it in an envelope to find out later. Which she very kindly did!

I got a text message that Chuck’s mom had a gift for Maddie so we had to swing by his sister, Paige’s house (which is really close to the doctor’s office) to pick it up. Little did I know, Chuck was dropping off the envelope to Paige because she had a few things planned for us!

Chuck invited my family over Saturday. My brother and his fiancé were already coming over to babysit Maddie while we went to a concert. So while I was gone in the morning, Chuck picked up the stuff from Paige’s house as well as some fun pink and blue snacks!




He also got some pink and blue ice cream, but we forgot to put them out. Smile 

My mom also brought over some little outfits and cards for each of us to write our guess if the baby was a girl or a boy. Maddie even picked girl. But probably because she likes pink things. Smile


After we placed our guesses, Paige had instructions. There was a puzzle for me to put together.



Can you tell what we are having from this puzzle? No? We couldn’t either. So we moved on to the next puzzle….a poem.


Can you tell from this poem what we are having? No? We couldn’t either. So on to part three….the cupcake cones!


We each got a cupcake cone. Paige and Chuck’s mom colored the cake various colors. Two of the cupcake cones had the gender color inside. So we each picked our cupcake cone.


Now dig in!


There was orange, purple….then I bit into mine…PINK! And my dad had one, too!


And of course, I started crying! You can see it in my eyes in this picture. I would have been crying no matter what color was inside!


We opened the envelope because I am a freak and I need to see the proof that the ultrasound lady wrote down girl! I thought it was so cute that she wrote it in pink and even took a picture of the girl proof in put it in the envelope! It was so nice of her!


And here’s a picture of Maddie eating some cake. Smile


Here’s a picture of our second little girl!


I should tell you that I was sure it was a boy from one of the ultrasound pictures we were given. I tried really hard not to look at it too much because I didn’t want to know! I was sure her little butt (or what I assume is a butt) was boy parts.

So I was happy when the woman put in the photo for proof that the baby was a girl. I am weird like that. Smile 

And that is how we found out! It was a lot of fun. Oh, and I will admit that I was a bit of a brat when I realized that Paige knew before I did! I got over it, but I did pout a little. Smile 

Oh, and I have my c-section for girl #2 scheduled for November 13th! I think it is very cool and very weird that I know that!

Now, I need to get this little girl some furniture in her room and find some bedding. Maybe I should get a minivan, too. Smile 


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