We took a trip to Omaha recently for Chuck’s cousin’s wedding. She is so sweet and came all the way to Florida for our wedding, so we knew we wanted to make the trip to see her tie the knot! Here’s a picture of the happy couple! (Which I took from her Facebook page.)


At the wedding, We got a picture with the three of us and Chuck’s sister and her daughter, Amira.


Before dinner, all three of the great-granddaughters were hanging out on the couch together! Maddie really liked holding Amira’s hand. Smile


Before the wedding, Maddie took a really long nap. This was how we found Maddie when we went to wake her up.


One morning we took Maddie to Bass Pro Shops to run around. I think she wants a 4-wheeler!


And here’s a picture we took with Chuck’s grandma, mom, sister, the cousins and me!



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