The Minivan

The Minivan

You read that correctly. We are now the owners of a minivan. For so many years I said I would never have one. Then the idea of two kids without one just didn’t seem right. So yesterday we picked up our snazzy mom-mobile.

It’s a Nissan Quest. I love the look of it! I especially love that the glass goes all the way around the back of the car. We got it in grey. It’s the same color our Murano was.


This is what the interior looks like with the exception that this picture has tan interior and ours has grey.


I drove it around today for the first time and I felt pretty awesome driving it! It’s a big car, but certainly doesn’t drive like it.

If you see me driving around, feel free to wave….or laugh uncontrollably while you mock me for driving a minivan! Smile


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