Leprechaun Days Parade

Leprechaun Days Parade

Saturday, my mom, Maddie and I walked in the Leprechaun Days Parade in our city. We were walking with my MOMS Club. Maddie sat in the wagon that had banners decorated by some kiddos while my mom pulled her. I handed out candy to moms in the parade with little cards promoting MOMS Club.

It was a hot day, but we had lots of fun. Maddie was a trooper and sat happily in her wagon through the whole parade and then on the walk home. I about collapsed when we got home. Smile Here are a few pictures.

When Chuck dropped us off, we ran into Ronald McDonald.

Then we hung out for a little while until the parade started.


And this picture would be really cute if I weren’t making such a goofy face!

Then the parade started! My mom took most of the pictures, but here’s one of her.

And Maddie was clearly having a good time!

Then we had some water after the parade.

As we walked home, Maddie made herself comfortable in her wagon.

And Chuck took this picture of us when we got home. I was hot and tired and this was a pretty forced smile! But we had a great time!

My mom took a bunch of other pictures. You can see those HERE.


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