18 Months

18 Months

Our happy little girl is now 18 months old. (Yes, I am a few days late posting this…even though I dated it for the correct date Smile… but now I have some stats from her doc appointment today!)


She is such a joy. She is so sweet and kind (most of the time). She loves her dolls…feeding them, carrying them, tucking them in to bed…she will be such a great big sister.


She loves wearing her sunglasses and says “eye” and points to her eye when she wants them on. She also loves wearing necklaces and hats. She loves to accessorize! Oh, and she LOVES her toenails painted and usually says “uh oh” if some notices that some came off. At which point I need to repaint them for her!


Maddie is a very independent little girl. She wants to do things herself. She will get a bib, bowl or plate for me for meals and likes to pick out her snacks. She has been telling me which direction she wants to go when we are on a walk. If I go the wrong way…well, she just doesn’t like that! She likes when I give her two choices and she picks the one she wants. I think it’s important to give kids choices and let them feel like they can make decisions.


She also likes to put on shoes…ours and hers! And she loves trying to put on clothes, and sometimes take them off!


She has gotten even sillier (if that is possible). She makes silly faces and noises and laughs at herself. Such a ham!


The last few days, Maddie as been very concerned with where Chuck is. She is always looking for him and asking for “dada”. And when she sees him she gets very excited!

When she gets hurt, she wants us to kiss whatever it is that hurts. So she points to what hurts and makes a kissing noise. It cracks me up!

Maddie is having a word explosion these days. She may not remember every word, but she will usually make an attempt to try to repeat something when we ask her to. And she has also started to say words instead of using her signs. For instance, she will say “eeee” (please) instead of signing it and “ay” instead of signing “help”. Maddie also started saying “please” and “thank you” for things without being prompted. It’s really cute. Oh, and she has added a nice mean point along with her “no” when she is really upset at something.

And I am sure there are more words, I just can’t remember them all. I’ll add more if I think of them!

*Words (23): Bye (byeee, along with a wave), bubble (bah bo), Elmo (mo mo), Nemo (mo mo), blue (boo), pink (peen), the letter “P”, the letter “B” (she will make an attempt at other letters, too), two, window (le lo), on, off, ice (ay), mouth (ma), glasses (eye and points to her eye, she usually does this when Chuck or I take off our glasses), that (sounds like “blah” while she has her tongue out), bug (bay), elbow (bow bow), jump (dum), go (doh), thank you (“ning ning”), The Cat in the Hat (haa, while tapping her head), Choo Choo (for trains/cars/trucks) – Total 60

*Signs (2): Thank you (she will hold a fist out in front of her and say “ning ning”), sleep (put one hand on her ear and tilts her head….she does this when she sees someone/something sleeping) and I’m working on “I love you” – Total 10

*Animal Noises (4): horse (naaaaay naaaay), dog (woof woof…very quietly), bird (eeee eeee), Kangaroo (will bounce when she sees a picture of one)  – Total 18

A lot of the time, she wants me to sit at her kid table with her. So she goes to the chair she wants me to sit in and pats it and says “up”. Then I’ll ask her if she wants me to sit there…”yeah” she says. It’s very sweet. Maddie loves washing her hands, too. She will even pretend to wash them at her play kitchen. And loves playing with her water table or kiddie pool.


She has started putting some words together, too. The lovely “No Ma Ma” is one of her favorites!


Some Maddie Stats:
Weight: 21 pounds, 1.9 ounces
Height: 2 feet, 9.5 inches (33.5”)

She is still a tiny little peanut, but her doctor is pleased with her growth since it still follows a nice curve for her. I am actually glad she doesn’t weigh much more because I am wimpy! She also got her two top eye teeth and the bottom two are just starting to pop through. After those come in, she just needs her 2 year molars. Then we can stop her teething phase. (About the time Baby Girl #2 starts teething!)

The doctor’s office also gave us a really cute book for her. It’s called “Waiting For Baby.” The books they give are such a small thing, but it really makes an impression on me. I love that they give the kids books! And how nice of the nurse to pick this book out for Maddie this time!

This is a picture of us visiting our friends in the hospital after they had their second little girl. Maddie was right at my feet (or in my lap) and very interested in the baby!


And here are some pictures from the past couple months (July, August).


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