27 Weeks

27 Weeks

Depending on how you count, I am either almost to my 3rd trimester or just starting it this week. Everyone seems to count differently. Either way, I have 12 weeks until Baby Girl #2’s birthday on November 13th! (Yes, I know her birthday…I have a c-section already scheduled.)

Things are going well. I have spurts on energy and go into crazy pregnant lady nesting phases and I have other times that I can hardly bring myself to get off the couch. But overall, I am feeling good.

BG#2 is a kicking machine. She is very active…and strong! But she keeps most of her movement to during the day and rests at night. Let’s hope it stays that way!

I have my 28 week check up next week and then I change to going every 2 weeks (instead of every 4 weeks).

We are still waiting for the call for BG#2’s furniture to arrive, but once that goes in, there isn’t a whole lot to do to get ready for her arrival.

Chuck’s mom is planning to stay with us for a little while after BG#2 is born to help out with Maddie. It will be so nice to have some consistency in Maddie’s life while I am at the hospital for a couple days. Plus, she is staying through Thanksgiving, so I am hoping that means I’ll get a tasty meal without leaving my house! I am very excited about that!

I ask Maddie where her sister is and she points to my stomach and says “baby”. She likes to pull up my shirt and look for the baby. And if I ask her to give her sister a kiss, she will kiss my belly. It’s the cutest thing ever! I am so excited to have my two little girls!

I have been taking pictures of my belly since about week 13. But they aren’t very good. I mostly wanted to take something so I can compare to how big I was with Maddie at the same time. You can see them HERE if you are interested. But here is the picture I took at 26 weeks.


And here is my 26 week picture when I was pregnant with Maddie.


About the same!

I feel huge, but clearly I’m not that big…yet. And my doctor says I am right on track. The only big thing this time is that I got some varicose and spider veins in my right leg. So the doc has me wearing compression tights. They make a huge difference, therefore I know I have to wear them. If I don’t have them on, my leg just hurts all day. They are a bit of a pain, but I am happy I’m not in pain all the time when they are on. And since I am wearing them, I shouldn’t get swollen this time around like I did with Maddie. So yay!

So there you have it. A little baby update since I haven’t mentioned it in a while. I should probably venture out and do some posts on things other than pictures of Maddie. Smile 


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