Almost 2

Almost 2

Our dear, sweet, sometimes infuriating, always silly, lovable, adorable toddler is almost 2. She’s 23 months old and I spent time today making invitations for her birthday.


She says so many words and phrases that there’s no way to keep track. We are pretty certain that she isn’t going to ever stop talking now that she can communicate. πŸ™‚ And she has been gradually correcting the way she says many words.


She likes picking out her clothes and dressing herself. She is obsessed with shoes and slips and socks.


She gets more and more independent with every passing day. She will bring me things and is quite a good little helper.


Maddie loves the alphabet. We do alphabet puzzles, sing the “ABC’s” and she points out letters all the time.


She’s starting to play by herself for longer periods of time. Which has been really nice.


Maddie has started pretending a lot more….with play food, her dolls, dressing up….it’s so fun to see what their brains will come up with!


Stickers. Maddie is obsessed with stickers. She will go through sheets at a time. Sometimes they go on paper or the sofa, but most of the time they go on her, me, dad or Dannie.


She is an imitator. My favorite imitations are when she copies me with her dolls for something I’m doing with Dannie. She likes her own set of pumping tools when I pump and pretends to nurse her dolls….from her belly button! πŸ™‚


She is incredibly sweet with her sister. She kisses her before bed, brings her toys when she cries and likes to use her stuff!





She’s been slightly more snuggly and will sit on the couch with us to watch a movie and sometimes eat popcorn!




Dolls are probably her most prized possession. And her very favorite is the cabbage patch kid from my childhood….whose name is Maddie Jeanie!


She is so fun and growing up to have such a big personality.



Happy almost 2nd birthday. Just one more month of being 1! This is so exciting and a little sad at the same time!


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