Gleason’s Gymnastics

Gleason’s Gymnastics

There’s a couple gymnastics studios around where kids can just run around and use the equipment. We have been going to Gleason’s and Maddie loves it. The first time she was there she was a bit skeptical, but she warmed up to it. By the next time we went, she was taking off her shoes and running to the trampolines before I could pay and get Dannie out of her car seat!



Maddie was fascinated to figure out how these bars worked. She is definitely Chuck’s daughter!



Maddie runs and runs and runs along this line of tape.



Maddie had a fun time with her friend playing with the foam blocks and then playing under the parachute!





I love that there’s a place for her to run around and have fun. Especially when we seem to have a winter that just won’t end! If you have young kids, I highly recommend checking out this place or seeing if there is a gym like this in your area!

Sadly, when I was there yesterday, I found out that there is only one more week of open gym this season. I’m kind of bummed, but I understand there probably isn’t very good turn out during the summer. But just an FYI if you were going to check it out. But….there might be another local option. I’ll tell you about that one tomorrow!


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