A Small Celebration

A Small Celebration

Since we are having Dannie’s birthday party this weekend, we didn’t do much to celebrate last night. She’s one. She won’t remember if we didn’t have a shindig on her actual birthday. Smile

Maddie picked out a present to give her the other day at the store and I had a couple little things sitting around to give her. I didn’t get much since we have so many things already I know she will be spoiled rotten this weekend! 

Maddie “helped” her open her presents.


I love Dannie’s face in this one!




Look at these two! They must be related. Smile


While we were opening gifts, Dannie stood there all by herself waiting patiently while I helped open her gifts. She was so proud!


After presents, Maddie and Chuck went to the hardware store and Dannie got a chance to play with her, uh, tissue paper. That made her pretty happy. I just sat on the couch snapping pictures of her!





She also worked on her walking. Her favorite thing to do is to walk from the couch to the big pillow and fall on it and giggle. She loves when you go over and tickle her. She just cracks me up. And this face!!! I could just snuggle her to pieces and eat her up.




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