Bluefin Bay

Bluefin Bay

Over Labor Day weekend we took a trip to the North Shore and stayed at Bluefin Bay with some friends. We have gone with them for a few years now. We almost didn’t go this year since we thought it might be hard with two toddlers and two babies (ok, they were 9 months old…not really babies), but it was so much fun and we were so glad we decided to go!

Here’s a little rundown of our trip.

We played at the park.


Looked adorable. Smile


Pretended to shoot things in the arcade.


Did some crafts. The girls were coloring puzzles.


Went swimming. They liked swimming, but they really wanted to be in the hot tub.


The babies were both hungry at the same time, so while we were in Grand Marais (where we did some shopping, sight seeing, rock throwing and had dinner) Trisha and I cozied up in some chairs to feed the kids while the big girls threw rocks! Lots. Of. Rocks.


Bluefin has free packages of s’mores, so every night we went down to the bonfire and roasted marshmallows and ate s’mores until we thought we might explode. Oh wait….that was just me. Smile



There was this goose that would not leave us alone. It was freaking the kids out. Rightfully so. Those things are big. And mean.


Dannie did lots of snacking. Girl likes her food.


There was more rock throwing. This was definitely the most favorite activity of the weekend.


Searching for perfect rocks.


This was right after Maddie and I had a tickle fight on the beach. Smile



Dannie liked the rocks, too, but her main goal was trying to eat them, so you had to keep a pretty close eye on her. Smile


There’s a boardwalk along the lake between the two sections of the resort. It is one of my favorite places there.


More crafts. Last year Maddie wanted nothing to do with rock painting. This year she was so excited and was so sad we wouldn’t let her paint more. I think she painted three. Although she may have painted more, but we only brought three home. They are on our front porch.


More rock throwing. I love Chelsea’s outfit in this one. These girls have such personalities and love to pick out their own clothes!



One afternoon, we took a short hike. The girls were so stinking cute the whole time! Just wait until you see the other pictures! This one just needs to be blown up and framed somewhere!


The dads carried the babies around in these backpacks that we rented from the resort. The kids loved them.


This is just because Chelsea is adorable and I love her little face!




There was a brief break from rock throwing to eat Cheerios.


The Fisher family.


A little North Shore family photo.


As we were leaving, the girls wanted to hold hands. They held hands almost all the way back to the car.





Not only can you rent backpacks, you can rent bikes, too. So we got a couple bikes and a bike trailer for the girls and took a little ride along the shore. The real reason for the ride was that I wanted some ice cream. So we thought a little exercise beforehand was a good idea. Smile



More rock throwing. I love that they both have tutus on.


This was what we got to wake up to every day. We had the windows cracked open so you could hear the waves crashing and the birds in the morning. I could have stayed in bed and looked at this view the whole weekend and been perfectly happy!


We stopped to visit Chuck’s dad on the way home and after our visit and the long, exciting, fun-filled weekend…we had two tired little girls on our hands.


We are so happy we were able to make the trip to Bluefin work again. I hope we get to go every year! And we are so blessed to have wonderful friends with kids the same age to share the weekend with! HERE are all the pictures from our trip.

Here are Trisha’s posts from Bluefin in case you are interested.


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