Our little Maddie has taken quite a liking to singing lately. She loves singing songs at bedtime and even likes to make up some songs of her own. Here are a few videos I took of her in the car the other day because she was singing up a storm!

Her favorite song is definitely the “ABCs”. Here she is singing along with her laptop while her sister plays, too.

After singing “happy birthday” quite a few times this month (for my birthday and Dannie’s birthday), Maddie learned all the words to that song. She would sing it before, but just said “happy day to yoooouuuu” over and over. So now she is singing the whole song. I’ll need to get videos of this song along with a couple others that she sings (the newest one was “Oh My Darling”). It’s just so cute. Plus it makes good material to show her boyfriends when she grows up. Smile


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