Maddie started a preschool this year. It is just for 2 and 3 year olds. It is Friday mornings from 9:30-12. It’s really a couple hours of daycare. Smile I love it and so does she. A bunch of her friends attend as well and she comes home so proud of what she learned that day.

Here are a couple pictures from her first day. Oh, and she picked out her outfit. Smile







With one of her best friends, Leighton. There are two classes for their age and Maddie was so happy she was in a class with Leighton!


Walking to class.


Standing by her backpack/jacket hook.


After her first day, some friends and I took the kids to McDonald’s to have lunch and play. It took Maddie a couple weeks to get comfortable, but she has done great! I am excited for her to get to play with her friends two days a week next year. And registration for next year starts in January!! Isn’t that crazy!?

She loves coming home each day with her art work and telling us about the songs she sang, games she played or anything else that happened. I hope she continues to like school as she gets older!


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