2014 Resolutions

2014 Resolutions

In the past I have made resolutions. But they aren’t always attainable things or they are something you do then don’t really continue. A few friends have talked about having a word for the year. I love this idea. I have seen it done very well here.

So let’s see…what will I do/be in 2014?

1. Do :: I want to do more this year. I want to keep my house cleaner, do more with my kids, read more, be less lazy, check more things off my lists, spend time with family and friends, and just do more. Chuck says “you can rest when you’re dead.” So I need to do all the things I can while I can do them!

2. Happy :: I want to be happy. Some days I find myself in a rut. Some days I get frustrated with my kids. Some days I just want to go back to bed and start the day over with a better attitude. So I am going to wake up each day happy, smiling, with a good attitude and ready to take on the day. I won’t stress about the small things and I vow to laugh more…at myself and at all the funny, silly things that happen each day.

3. Thanks :: I have so much to be thankful for. I have an amazing husband, a wonderful family, great friends (some of whom I met toward the end of last year), two happy and healthy kids…but even with all those great things, I need to remember to thank THEM more often. At the end of 2013, I started sending little messages to some people telling them “thank you” or just telling them I appreciated who they are or what they did. I truly believe this goes such a long way. So I will do better to tell and show those around me that I am thankful for them and how important they are to me.

There you have it. My goals for the year. Do. Happy. Thanks. I love these words and I know that it will help me be who I want to be and make 2014 a year to be proud of.


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