Breakfast With Santa

Breakfast With Santa

We took the girls to see Santa at our local Community Center. They have a bunch of games and activities for the kids and a breakfast with Santa. It’s a cute little activity and it’s basically across the street.

A couple of my friends from MOMS Club went this year as well. One of my friends, Tricia’s daughter is one of Maddie’s best friends, Leighton. They play together all the time and giggle and hold hands while doing so!








Maddie also loves Leighton’s brother, Cole.


I spent the morning chasing Dannie around. She just wanted to wander around the gym. (And I’m wearing Maddie’s headband in this picture…hence the pink bow in my hair. Smile)


And here is our picture with Santa. Needless to say, it didn’t go very well. Dannie had her mouth full of food when she freaked out and Maddie wanted to see Santa until she was next to him…then she got shy. And Chuck is not wearing suspenders as some of my friends thought. That is just the strap to the camera. Smile



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