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Princess Awesome


My dear friend in Seattle turned me on to the clothing from Princess Awesome. I hadn’t purchased anything myself until recently because my friend has sent the girls dresses for a couple years for birthdays or Christmas. Here are some of the patterns we have. (Rockets, Dinosaurs, Robots, Pi and Ninjas.)






They have a new dragon pattern that I just got for my niece for her birthday (she’s adopted from China and the dragons were too cute!) I also bought a science one for Maddie (because she has been obsessed with science and women in science lately) and there’s a good chance that when their new bug one comes out I may have to get that, too!




Their company was started on Kickstarter by a couple of moms with a vision. They were unhappy with the clothing choices in the girls’ clothing department and decided to do something about it.

The dresses are really well made and can last for a long time if you buy a slightly larger size and wear them with pants as they get a little shorter. I love that all of Maddie’s dresses will be handed down to Dannie and then probably to our niece after that. They are a little spendy for one dress, but you get your money’s worth out of them.

As a nice bonus, they email you a coloring sheet to go with each pattern of dress you buy. The girls love coloring them. They also have some fun coloring kits you can purchase which have STEM themes to them. Their blog also has some coloring downloads from time to time (there’s a valentine’s day set you can download for free now).

I highly recommend these dresses for your girls. They are still girly, but have such fun, colorful, empowering patterns. Because not every girl like flowers, princesses, hearts and being pretty. Sometimes they just want a dress with dinosaurs on it.


(I am not being compensated for this post. I just really love their products and their company. Photos are from Princess Awesome’s website.)

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