Maddie turned 6 today. 6!? I can’t seem to wrap my brain around this! When I put her to bed last night, I cried a little knowing she wouldn’t be 5 in the morning.


She’s grown into such a wonderful, kind, caring girl. She has flourished in Kindergarten and has made so many new friends. Her teacher always has wonderful things to say about her. And she loves school, which is such a wonderful thing.


She decided she didn’t want to have a birthday party this year. But because she’s really turning 60, she did want to go to brunch. So we are going to do that this weekend. Her other request was for mom and dad (no brother and sister allowed) to take her to the Crayola Experience and ride rides at the MOA.  So that’s what we are doing.

We gave her a few presents today and we are also seeing Fancy Nancy with a couple grandmas, and aunt and a cousin.


It has been kind of nice not planning a big birthday party for her. I am hoping to continue this trend if I can. Or at least have smaller parties than I usually throw for them. (I have a tendency to go overboard.)


Maddie is smart, sassy, silly and has a style all her own. She is timid yet strong-willed and can be a spitfire when she needs to be.


So, our little baby is 6. It’s weird to think about all that has happened in 6 years and what a crazy time her birth was. Our baby is growing up and becoming less of a baby everyday. She is starting to think I’m a little nuts (she’s not wrong) and before we know it she’ll be off to college (sob)!


Happy birthday little tater tot. We love you!


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