Barriers to Entry Program (B2E)

Barriers to Entry Program (B2E)

A few years ago I went to a Girls in Tech event and met a few people I have kept in contact with. One woman recommended this program to me a couple years ago. I was not in a position to tackle that yet, but recently, it’s sounded like a great solution. 

It is offered by York Solutions. They take people that are looking for a career change and want to get into the IT field and give them paid training with IT executives. Here’s a video about it. 

Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful way to re-enter the workforce and make a career change at the same time. 

They help you hone your skills, learn, realize your value and possibly land a job at the end of it! I’m fascinated. 

3 thoughts on “Barriers to Entry Program (B2E)

    1. Thanks. I am not sure I am actually ready to do it, but it sounds less scary now than it did 2 years ago. 🙂 I’d love to do something like this when the timing is right. For now, I am going to keep working on understanding programming and hopefully getting better at that!

      Lauren, do you know of any other places like this that do something similar? I find it fascinating and I’m surprised there aren’t more places that have tried this. Maybe there will be in the future when it becomes more well-known.

  1. I’ve heard of some similar programs… PWC has a program that helps women get back to work that I learned about recently. I’ve also talked to entry level recruiters that have said they are open to or have recruited women re-entering the workforce. I think companies are starting to see the value, and I imagine there will be more programs like it emerging in the coming years. Very exciting!

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