17 Months

17 Months

Miss Maddie is growing up so quickly. She changes so much every day. We were discussing all the words she says now and realized I should make an updated list of all the things she says like I did when she was 15 Months Old. So here you have it.

*Words (21): dance (dee dee), shoes (shoo), cup (pa), water (wa wa), bottle (ba ba), hat (ha), please (eeee, while signing please), yellow (le low), key (eee), ha, hey, yeah, help (ay ay, while signing help), nose (no no), eye, boom, ow, num num, doo doo (she wants a microphone toy or tube to yell into), beep (beee), teeth (teee…and makes a sign with her pointer finger by her mouth like she is brushing her teeth) – Total 37

*Signs (3): Food, help, teeth – Total 8

*Animal Noises (4): frog (gasping noise), owl (who who), crab (makes a crab motion with her hands), sheep (ba ba ba) – Total 14

*Body Parts (9): shoulders (shrugs her shoulders), toes, knees, arms, hands, tongue, hair, feet, teeth – Total 16

*Other: She nods “yes” which has been such a life saver from the constant “no”, the funniest thing ever is she sees a picture of Santa, she says “ho ho ho”, she likes to tickle people and makes a “tickle” noise while she wiggles her fingers to tickle you, when you as her what does Maddie say? She says “Hi”, makes her mouth make an “O” shape, can knock on a door when asked, points to planes in the sky, makes the “itsy bitsy spider” motion when she wants me to sign that song to her, says “neeee” and wiggles like crazy for raisins or cranberries (and I have no idea what “neeee” means), Maddie will pick out the snack she wants or tell me yes or no for things she wants, has started to pick out books she wants to read at bed time, she gives lots of hugs and kisses. We spend a lot of time with her cousin and she just loves bringing her things when she is upset; she will be such a good big sister! And we got to Target way too often because Maddie knows to ask them for a sticker when we leave by pointing to her chest and saying “doo doo doo.” Smile

I am sure I have forgotten some things. And she learns something new every day so it’s hard to keep track and keep up. But it is so fun that she is communicating more and telling us what she wants. Our big girl!

Here’s a couple pictures…since I spent the whole time blabbing for my virtual baby book. Smile 





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