IGM Gymnastics

IGM Gymnastics

Yesterday I told you about Gleason’s Gymnastics. Today, I’ll tell you about IGM Gymnastics. This is another local gymnastics studio that lets the kids just run around. There were some things I liked better about this place than Gleason’s and some things I liked less.

First, this place has a HUGE bouncy house and slide! Maddie wouldn’t go in it, but she was a bit crabby. I am sure with time, she will love it! I really wanted to go play on it, but Dannie was strapped to the front of me and it just seemed like a bad idea to jump on it with her. Smile


There were lots of things for the kids to play on. I know Gleason’s changes things around every week, but since I have only been here once, I don’t know what they do. But it sure looked fun!






Maddie isn’t sleeping in this picture, she’s trying to figure out how yet another thing works!


There was also a big floor with balls for the kids to play with, more balance beams, and even a little play area for really small kids!

Unfortunately, they only had two trampolines for the kids to jump on, which was kind of a bummer. And the foam pit was much smaller here. Maddie loves playing in that. And the other downfall is that it is $8 per kid no matter how many kids. Gleason’s is $8 for one kid and $10 for more than one kid (family price) which is nice. I’m not sure if IGM has a punch card like Gleason’s has, either.

Since they are only open on Fridays, I probably will only be bringing Dannie with me next year since Maddie will be in preschool on Fridays, so it won’t matter too much to me, but it may matter to someone else.

So there’s my run down of the couple open gymnastics places I have been to! You should definitely give it a try if you have kids! They will love it!


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