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Mexican Stuffed Peppers

The other night we made these Mexican Stuffed Peppers. They were really easy and really tasty. We had them for dinner, I had them for lunch and then we had some with dinner tonight. And we still have a couple left (I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow!).

First you cook the onions and quinoa.


While the onion/quinoa cooks, add the enchilada sauce to a pan, cut and prep the peppers and prep your other ingredients.



Then mix everything together.


Then stuff the peppers with your tasty stuffing mix.



Then add cheese, cover and put into the oven to bake.


After they are done, uncover and enjoy!



Chuck thought they needed a little more spice, but I thought they were perfect. I would love to make this for dinner for people that like Mexican food. I know we will be making these again!


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Mushroom & Wild Rice Soup

I’ve been in a bit of an eating rut and decided to look up some new recipes to get me motivated. When I found this, it was FREEZING outside (today we got up to 40*!!!!!) and I was hankering for some soup. 

Here is the recipe I found and used.

It was really easy to make. First you chop up the onions (I added carrots and celery, so I chopped those up, too).


Then you chop up the mushrooms. I used two portabellas and one package of baby bellas. We had a second container, but that looked like WAY too many mushrooms. I was already freaking out at the amount I was adding.


Then you add the butter and vegetables to the pan and cook until tender, add the garlic and cook for a little bit, then add the mushrooms and let them all cook together a little.


Then you add the rice, seasoning packets (we used Uncle Bens mushroom flavor wild/brown rice packages) and broth and let it simmer.


Then add the cream, stir around until it gets heated through and then eat up!


It wasn’t as soupy as I was expecting, but it was really good. Chuck said he preferred it this way. I ate mine with some crackers because I was still thinking of it as soup. I will say I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it. The recipe made a ton of food, so we ate it for dinner, I had it for lunch for two days, Chuck had some with lunch one day and we still have a bag we froze in the freezer.

Overall, we will definitely make this again. I am glad I started looking for some new recipes. Next up to try is a stuffed pepper recipe. And Chuck found a sloppy joe recipe that doesn’t use meat!


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My Little Baker

Maddie loves to bake. Muffins, cookies, heck, she just likes to help out in the kitchen. She gets giddy to set or clear the table for meals.

Maddie loves making muffins. And since I am lazy, I buy muffins that I need to add only water to. She likes to stir, put the batter into the tray, eat the batter and then devour the muffins.


At Christmas, she did a great job cutting out cookies and decorating them.


And one night when Maddie was sick, Chuck made Ninja bread Men with her. She didn’t have a voice, but she was sweet as could be! And there’s something about dads doing activities with their daughters that just melt my heart!


I was dubbed the icer and Maddie was the sprinkler. She took her job very seriously!


So if there’s something to bake, stir, mix, pour, or decorate….Maddie is your girl!


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One night at dinner we were laughing at Dannie. She was sitting there with loads of cheese hanging out of her mouth.




Maddie thought it was funny, too and tried to make cheese hang out of her mouth.


She wasn’t very successful, but she was really cute trying.



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A new Cupcake store opened and MOMS Club went there one morning so we could check it out and eat cupcakes. The girls picked out cupcakes to eat. They were very pretty and very yummy!






Some friends and I also went there for dinner one night. They have a restaurant attached called “The Mason Jar”. The food was really good and I can’t wait to go back for more food and more cupcakes! If you are in the area, I highly recommend checking it out.


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Vegetable Soup

I had been looking for a crockpot vegetable soup that didn’t have meat in it and I came across this recipe. I think I found it on Pinterest. There were a lot of ingredients, but it was really simple to make. You just need to give yourself enough time to chop all the veggies.

First you sauté the veggies a little.


Then you let your toddler help stir the vegetables because she insists on doing so.


Then dump the rest of the ingredients into the crockpot.


Then move your toddler to a different location to do more stirring and keep them busy by having them name all the vegetables she can find on the spoon.


The soup tasted really good. I was very pleased. This time I added some frozen corn, a can of white beans, a can of peas and half the amount of green beans. I also used petite diced tomatoes because I don’t like big chunks of tomato in my soup (or in general) and vegetable broth to make it vegetarian. The recipe said to add the pasta right away. This made the pasta a bit mushy and I would either cook it first and add it at the end or skip it all together. It didn’t add a whole lot to the soup for us.

Modifications I will make the next time I make this:

  • use sweet potatoes instead of red potatoes
  • make my onions and peppers a little bigger (Chuck likes more variety in size and texture in the soup)
  • omit the pasta
  • stick with adding white beans, corn, peas, petite tomatoes, veggie broth and half the green beans
  • invite a small army over to help us eat it all

It was also very good frozen and then reheated. Overall, I highly recommend this for a yummy veggie soup. Let me know if you make it and if you make any notable changes I should consider the next time I make it. Mmmmm….now I’m hungry!


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Winter Playdate

My friend Tricia hosted a MOMS Club playdate early in December. She always makes the most adorable snacks for playdates! Check out these cute snowmen.


The kids enjoyed eating them. Maddie liked the chocolate chip eyes and the M&Ms the best. Dannie was all over the donut! Smile






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What We’ve Been Eating These Days

A few people have been asking what we’ve been eating since we overhauled our diet a number of months back. I sent a long email of ideas to a friend and thought some of you might be interested as well. Maybe this will help some of you get some new meal ideas.

Zucchini Chips

Onion Rings

Lettuce Wraps – we have added carrots and have even made them without meat before.

Szechuan Green Beans

General Tso Chicken Love this one with brown rice. We ate it last week without the rice and just had sautéed veggies with it.

Turkey Burgers – we made a twist on these and froze them for Maddie. But Chuck and I loved them. We used ground chicken and added shredded zucchini and shredded carrots. So yummy! We splurged once and had them on pretzel rolls! 

Wild Rice Burgers – my new favorite!

Kabobs – we make kabobs a lot when guests come over. If you have time to prep them the night before, you would save time when you get home from work. We add cherry tomatoes, peppers, onions, and sometimes chicken that was marinated in a teriyaki sauce. But usually the chicken is left off for us and we eat the veggies. I will sometimes make some wild rice to go with it.

Quesadillas Chuck used to make quesadillas when we first started eating this way, but we started making tacos instead because it was faster. But for lunch, I will take a whole wheat tortilla, add peppers and onions, some salsa and cheese and microwave it. If we have been to the farmers market, I will add some black bean hummus to it. :) Very fast, really tasty.

We make veggie tacos a lot. Cut up peppers and onions, sauté in a little olive oil until tender and add taco seasoning. Then use toppings as usual.

Veggie pizza – whole wheat Boboli pizza crust (in pizza isle), sauté some peppers and onions until slightly tender, add pizza sauce (or salsa) to the pizza, top with veggies and cheeses and bake until lightly brown. Chuck has also learned to make his own pizza crust…yum!!

We also sauté peppers and onions and add some soy sauce to season as they are cooking. Then we eat them with salmon (which we bake on a cookie sheet for the package’s suggested time, brushed with a little olive oil and a little cayenne pepper).

Some useful tips: cut up a bunch of peppers and onions when you have time and keep them in a container it the fridge ready to use. 

We use yellow and red onions and all colors of bell peppers almost every day. 

Soy sauce makes veggies yummy! Yes, there’s some salt, but get low sodium and don’t worry too much about it. 

We also eat a ton of fruit, strawberries, pineapple, apples, berries, watermelon…anything you want. We have a fruit with all our meals. 

We buy Annie’s food for Maddie. And there are a bunch of soups by Amy’s that I really like. They are a good lunch. 

We eat a bunch of nuts for protein.

Mostly, look for products with a very short list of ingredients. Triscuits have only three ingredients. At least look for ingredients that you can pronounce. 

I have been taking lots of pictures of my meals. Here are some of the pictures from my phone of meals we have eaten. I apologize for the poor quality. And these have been taken over many months. For instance, we don’t have rice in our tacos anymore. Smile

Veggie tacos.


Veggie quesadilla. I have these many days for lunch since there are usually chopped veggies in the fridge already. Today I added my Black Bean and Chioptle Hummus to it! YUM!


More veggie tacos. Chuck will add zucchini into the cooked veggies, too.


Amy’s Vegetable Barley soup. I have bought it at Target by the soups and Cub in the Organic section. It comes in a green can and I LOVE IT!


Soup and salad.


More quesadillas.


Salad, fruit and nut crackers that I brought to a picnic lunch. On our last picnic, I filled the large section with chips, the small section with our homemade salsa and the medium one with fruit. That is my favorite picnic lunch!


Turkey burgers. We froze these in hopes of Maddie eating them, but she didn’t like them that much. We ended up eating them one night on a splurge of pretzel buns. It was delicious!


Sautéed veggies, pineapple, onion rings and turkey burger on a pretzel bun.


My favorite onion rings. I really like them dipped in BBQ sauce! I could eat these every night!


Another quesadilla.


My favorite pizza! This was a crust that Chuck made. It was delicious and so filling. I like using salsa instead of tomato sauce and I like pepperjack cheese.


Zucchini chips. Yum! They have a little spicy kick to them.


Lettuce wraps with lettuce from our garden. This was made with chicken, but we have made it with tofu and just veggies, too. Did you know that Noodles has an amazing order of lettuce wraps? I get them every time….with some potstickers!


Szechuan green beans. So flavorful and the only way I will eat green beans.


Szechuan green beans, pineapple and pan fried walleye. I at lots more walleye than this!


Sautéed veggies, salmon and zucchini noodles. (We tried the noodles a couple times and a couple ways, and I don’t really care for them. Chuck thought they were really good, though.)


Wild rice burgers!!! Chuck’s newest meal and my new very favorite! I want to eat this for every meal. It was so good and melted in your mouth.


Melty pepperjack cheese on my wild rice burger! So good!!!


I hope you find something on here that you might be willing to give a try. I am so grateful that Chuck likes cooking and has done all the grocery shopping, cooking and dinner clean up. He’s amazing and I am eating so much better because of him!

Happy eating!!


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Farmer’s Market & Como Zoo

This morning we went to the Farmer’s Market and then Como Zoo. We haven’t been to the Farmer’s Market in quite a while. It was so nice to go now that there are so many fruits and vegetables there! WE got the most delicious watermelon, a cantaloupe (because Maddie LOVES them), green beans (because Chuck makes really yummy ones) and the black bean and chipotle hummus that I like. I can’t stop eating the watermelon. SOOOO good!

We also saw the cutest food ever! Check out these baby cucumbers!


Maddie got a bag of popcorn and we were off to the zoo. She had a good time riding on Chuck’s shoulders today.


She was able to get a good view of the baby giraffe! So very cute. It was 130 pounds when it was born. I think the volunteer said it was only 5 days old!


These cute little Spider Monkeys were snuggling!


And the tiger was hanging out in his pool.


The antelopes were fighting, the zebras were walking around, the wolves were chasing each other, the seal was being trained and doing fun tricks, the polar bear was swimming all over in front of the glass and the orangutan was wearing a box to entertain its baby. It was a great trip to the zoo!

Dannie loved it, too!



The girls went right down for naps. We wore them out! That’s the sign of a good Sunday morning! And who knows what adventures we will have this afternoon. Weekends are the best!


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Farmer’s Market & Stone Arch Bridge

We really like going to the Farmer’s Market. We have gone to all sorts of them around town. I really like the St. Paul Farmer’s Market because there’s a stand that sells this yummy Black Bean and Chipotle Hummus. I love it!

A favorite thing to do at any of the Farmer’s Markets is to get Maddie to point out fruits and veggies. I keep hoping she will be adventurous and try some new foods, but that will come eventually. Smile

Another small Farmer’s Market we have gone to a couple times is the Mill City Farmer’s Market. It’s not very big, but we like to take a walk over to the Stone Arch Bridge. We look at the waterfall and let Maddie meander and look at stuff. It’s a fun morning activity.






We invited Chuck’s sister, Paige, her husband, Brian, and their daughter, Amira, to come with us one day. We got some really cute pictures of the girls.




Chuck took one of our all time favorite pictures of Maddie this day.



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