Here’s What I Have to Say:

Here’s What I Have to Say:

Beyond Belief

My book club read Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape by Jenna Miscavige Hill for our March book. This book was interesting to say the least. There were times I was horrified, aggravated, relieved, hopeful, disappointed….so many feelings went through me during this book. If you have ever been curious about Scientology, this is a fascinating book to read. Here is a summary of the book: Jenna Miscavige Hill, niece of Church of Scientology leader...

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Easter Card

First, Happy Easter! I will do another Easter post with pictures from our day soon! Chuck’s mom is still in Florida, so she sent the girls an Easter card. Maddie had a great time with all the stickers inside! She stuck most of them to me and the rest went on her picnic table. The stickers were a hit! Thanks Grandma Linda!


Everything goes in Dannie’s mouth these days. She is getting much better with her hands. She will hold things, grab at them and most of all, put them all in her mouth. Blankets….. Toys….. Toys….. More toys….. Hands….. And even her sister’s fingers when she gets them too close! And Maddie finds Dannie chewing on her fingers to be the most hilarious thing ever!


Tuesday and Thursday this week, I went to a local library. Turns out….I LOVE this library! There are so many fun toys and activities and they even seem to encourage kids to play in this library! Here are pictures from my two recent visits. My mom met me at the library Tuesday and had fun playing with Maddie. They did puzzles and we had quite the puppet show! Maddie discovered that dinosaurs are fun! There was a little area that...

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Real Food

Almost two months ago, Chuck and I had a discussion about the food we eat. After a long talk, (and some persuading on his part) we have done an overhaul of the food we eat. We knew this wouldn’t happen overnight, but we knew we could make some immediate changes. First, I watched Food, Inc. (you can find the video online, Netflix and some other video sites) as well as some other related shows. I also started reading the website...

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Most weekends lately, we have spent time at the MOA walking around and getting out of the house. Last weekend when we were there, Maddie got to ride the merry-go-round. It’s the only ride she has gone on there and she seems to enjoy it! During this visit, she rode a pig! 🙂

High Chair Fun

We are still waiting a couple months before we give Dannie food, but the other day I let her sit in the high chair while I had my lunch. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of her! She was so cute. So I apologize for the abundance of adorable Dannie pictures!

Cousin Day

A few weeks ago, I babysat our niece Amira. So we had a little cousin play date over here. We did some playing, some eating, some napping…it was a good day!


This is so true.

4 Months Old

Our baby girl is 4 months old today. She is a joy to be around and is the happiest baby. She hardly cries and smiles at everyone. I am sure with such good little babies, their teenage years will send us to the insane asylum. But I’ll enjoy how good they are now. 🙂 Dannie babbles and talks all the time. She giggles and coos at you and they are the sweetest noises! She has just started sticking out her...

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Pictures By Adam

Way back when Dannie was just a couple weeks old, my brother came and took some pictures of her. I realized I never shared them. I can’t believe that these were taken almost 4 months ago!

On The Island

For February, my book club read On the Island. I heard about it through the Twin Cities Live Book Club. We were a little skeptical to read it at first (given the description), but everyone loved it. It was a fast read and it was really hard to put down! Here’s a description. Anna Emerson is a thirty-year-old English teacher desperately in need of adventure. Worn down by the cold Chicago winters and a relationship that’s going nowhere, she jumps...

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Happy March. We’re getting closer to spring! I can hardly wait! We recently got new phones which means I’ve been obsessed with Instagram. (I’ll add a link to my Instagram pics on my sidebar soon.) I’m going to try keeping up with a photo-a-day thing this month. I didn’t do very well in February, but I’m going to give it another go! I thought if I posted it here, I might do better taking daily pictures….of something other than my...

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Play Date Fun (Volume 2)

I saw Trisha’s post about our play date and completely forgot I had more pictures! Having a snack and being silly. Play Doh fun. Don’t look if you don’t like your Play Doh mixed! 🙂

Play Date Fun

Last week, Trisha brought her kids over for a play date. Maddie and Chelsea are at such a fun age and play together so well. They were dancing to the “ABCs” on Maddie’s little laptop…..over and over and over. And held hands while they sang and danced. I even got a video of them! So cute! The babies had fun together, too. Dannie thought Tyler was hilarious and tried to snuggle him! Aren’t they the cutest little things? They sure...

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Maddie’s Elmo Birthday Party

Maddie had a wonderful 2nd birthday party. We had a bunch of friends and family come celebrate with her. Chuck’s mom made Maddie a dress with Elmo on it. She even made Elmo’s face! Here are some pictures of everyone mingling and eating. The kids loved playing with the balloons we blew up. I even drew Elmo faces on them! Here’s a picture of me stuffing my face with pizza! Maddie loved the noise makers. She even blew out the...

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3 Months

Our peanut turned three months old last week. (Yes, I’m behind on my blog posts!) Dannie is such a wonderful addition to our little family! She’s so sweet, cuddly, smily, and the best little baby. Dannie is still a great little sleeper. She can put herself back to sleep at night and will fall asleep for naps. I seriously love her! And she has started sucking her fingers. It’s adorable! She will grab at things in front of her. Her...

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For Valentine’s Day, Chuck got me a new FitBit. It’s the FitBit Zip….in pink, of course! My old one was the first one we got many years ago. It wasn’t holding a charge very well anymore. This one takes a battery, which is much better for me since I suck at remembering to charge devices. It doesn’t have sleep tracking, but I never really used that anyway. It also syncs with a scale and a food tracking app I use...

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It’s happening. My baby is growing up! Maddie turns 2 today. I can hardly believe it was only two short years ago that this beautiful little girl made us the happiest people ever and made us parents. She did give her momma a rough entrance into the world, but she was worth it all! Maddie is so smart, loving and so very silly! She loves building with daddy and daddy loves it, too. She’s always trying new things and she...

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Love Bugs

I love these girls so much.