11 Months Old

11 Months Old


I can’t believe this is my last monthly post before our little pumpkin turns ONE! (And again I am a couple days late posting this.) I swear Dannie’s first year has gone by way faster than Maddie’s first year did.


Dannie is the happiest little baby and makes me laugh and giggle all the time. The faces this girl makes are something else!


She is loving her food more and more (if that is even possible) and will try anything I give her. She was having a great time playing with spaghetti noodles the other night.


After she stuffs her face, she has been learning to put her food in the cup holder on her try. She was putting her cheese in and out and then clapping at herself. She was so proud!



I gave her my apple one day when I was done eating it. She thought it was great fun to suck on it and bite it.



We were at a restaurant recently and Dannie wanted to take bites off her banana. It was cute, except she wanted to eat the whole thing at once.


Dannie had a couple days where she really liked playing while she was laying down. It was funny….and very unlike her to want to stay in one place.


Our dear friend, Kelly, moved to Seattle and likes sending our girls clothes and toys. Two of the things for Dannie were a huge hit with the girls.



I was sitting with Maddie on the couch one morning and Dannie was very upset that she wasn’t up there, too. I took so many pictures of her crying at us. Smile


Dannie loves my phone. It was her motivation to start moving. I should really use it as incentive to get this girl to walk. Smile  This time I used it to get her to sit in one spot for her monthly photos. Smile



Dannie has really started to love books. I haven’t taken very many pictures of her playing with them, but she will sit and turn the pages. It’s one of the only things that will keep her occupied for a couple minutes at a time.


Dannie loves getting into the drawer under the oven. Maddie loved it, too.


Some of the time, the girls play nicely together. This was a rare occasion that they were playing happily together. But it usually ends in tears because Maddie decides the toy Dannie has is hers and she can’t play with it anymore.


Dannie has started to fight back a little bit. Maddie likes to lay on top of Dannie and D has taken to grabbing her hair. Then M gets mad and I just laugh. Great parenting, I know. Smile


Everyone tells me they will like each other when they get older and be best friends. Times like this where they love each other give me hope. Smile


Dannie loves the zoo and her favorite place is the fish tank. She was all smiles and wide eyes when we were there with grandma. She also likes that I will take her out of the stroller more and let her enjoy the zoo.



Dannie also loves playing at the park. One morning before lunch, I took the girls to the park behind our house. Dannie was having a wonderful time playing and exploring!





This little stinker likes to get into everything. her favorite thing is to reach under the couch and find goodies….usually power cords. She also went over to Maddie’s picnic table the other day and climbed right up onto the bench. I think Dannie is going to be my daredevil!


Everything is still going in her mouth these days. Between teething and a never-ending cold, she has been putting anything she can find in her mouth and drooling all over the place. She has also learned that she can make lots of fun noises and sounds with her mouth. Her favorite is raspberries.


I can’t wait to see what this next month brings. She is getting so big every day and less and less like my little baby.


Happy 11 months little monkey, pumpkin, silly pants, Dan Dan….we love you!


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