One. One. ONE! My baby is ONE! Somehow, Dannie turning one is harder for me to handle than it was for Maddie turning one. Dannie is the happiest, silliest, most fun little addition to our family. I love her developing personality and her smile is so infectious!


Dannie is becoming more independent every day. She is learning to hold her own with her sister and she is definitely very strong willed just like Maddie. She has taken to throwing mini tantrums when she gets upset and folds in half and cries on the floor. It’s so very endearing. Smile


Her favorite game it to put objects into a container. She will do this over and over and over and over…..


This particular time, Maddie wanted to hold the cup for her while she put noodles in. I was happy that she didn’t try to eat nearly as many noodles as I expected her to. Smile


Dannie recently learned where her belly is. She thinks this is the most amazing thing in the world and is so proud of herself when she sees it. Then she instantly sticks her finger in her belly button and laughs. Smile You can see a video HERE.


Dannie is also very good at giving kisses. She makes the best kissing noise and will blow kisses. It cracks me up. And man is her kissing noise loud!


And speaking of loud noises….this girl yells! Not just a little squawk, but a full blown, makes you jump out of your skin yell. She yells when she is happy. Yells when she is mad. Yells when she wants something. Yells when her sister takes something. And sometimes just yells for the fun of it.


We are working on making her sign “more” or “drink” when she is eating so she doesn’t yell so much. It’s working a bit. But I really just think she likes to hear herself! And it is really pleasant when her and Maddie scream back and forth to each other.


And speaking of mealtime, she is eating like a champion still. We have been giving her milk with meals for a little while now. Sometimes she really likes it and other times she looks at you like you are trying to poison her.


Over the last week, I have been giving her less formula at bottle times. Then for a few days, cut back how many bottles she was getting. Last night was her last bottle and the very last of the formula I had. I made sure I snuggled the heck out of her. She only had about half her bottle. If only she knew that was the last one she was getting!

I was afraid she was going to be really mad at me this morning when I got her up and didn’t give her a bottle, but she was surprisingly agreeable. Phew!


Dannie still loves her glow worm. I really think she likes to have music going when she is playing. She stops and turns it on, does a little wiggle and clap and goes back to playing. Then repeats this over and over!


And I just love her one tiny, chubby finger when she presses the button!


Dannie is my little daredevil. I know the things she does aren’t that crazy, but with my timid Maddie as a gauge, anything Dannie does is riskier! Dannie is very careful and deliberate in what she does, though. I am quite impressed.




Dannie has been working on her walking skills. For at least a month, she has only been willing to walk when she was holding our hands. In the last few days (thanks to Paige), she has been trying to walk on her own. She will take off from the couch and go a few steps. She is very proud of herself when she does it. I am sure she will be running before long.





And she definitely has mommy’s scowl!


Here are a few more random pictures.







And because I can hardly believe it…here’s proof from her ticker at the top of my site.


Happy happy birthday sweet girl! We love you so much!


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