Alex * 3 Months Old

This past month has been a whirlwind. We closed on our house, started renovations (we had planned to do things more gradually, but Chuck's allergies required us to start sooner), my dad flew out to vist/help (thanks, dad!), Maddie started a new preschool (closer to home), and our little man has been a little trooper through it all (the girls, too).

Alex has been sleeping through the night for a couple weeks now. He's a champion sleeper. I love him! I've been giving him a bottle of formula before bed to really fill him up. Then I swaddle the heck out of him and he conks right out after a little nursing.

He's an incredibly happy baby and will smile at you and he's even starting to giggle. The girls love trying to make in smile.

They also love on him constantly and are eager to help with him. They are always asking to hold him. I'm so glad they love him so much. I fear he's in for loads of dressing up and tea parties.

Alex loves being in his carrier and I'm so glad I bought a new one. It's way more convenient to use the carrier in many places here I've found. Plus he just goes right to sleep.

I'm looking forward to him being a bit more interactive. He's finally starting to enjoy his playmat and likes holding toys (albeit fairly briefly). I also located the bumbo chair and he seems to enjoy the change of scenery from his playmat.


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Today I had great intentions to make everything go smoothly. Of course, things don’t always go as planned.

For the first time in a few days, I woke up with a good attitude and I was ready to tackle the day. I had Maddie’s conferences today and had everyone ready on time and started heading out the door. When we got down the hall to the elevator, the day starts going down hill.

* The elevator was broken. Therefore requiring us to walk down three flights of stairs to the parking garage. Of course, Dannie needs her hand held while I am manhandling Alex in his car seat down the stairs. Got down the stairs. Things were good.

* Got the kids into the car and strapped 2/3 of them in. Then I realize Dannie has an “issue” in her pants that needs tending to. So we deal with said issue and move on.

* Dannie kicks and screams and flails like a crazy person because she doesn’t want to be in her car seat (or I put her in wrong, or she didn’t have all of her toys, or I gave her the toys in the wrong order….who knows). So I forcefully get her situated in the car and head out of the parking ramp to school, look at the clock and hope that I can get there on time.

* The road we turn onto from the apartment is a busy road (they are all a bit busy here), but I hit the right time and didn’t have to wait too long to get out. Phew! Go to the next road and they have it down to one lane (alternating traffic) which slows us down greatly. Clock is ticking….

* Arrive at school, and after screaming most of the way to school, Dannie will not get out of the car. Anger….riiiiiising!

* Get into the conference, exhausted, and the teacher tells me Maddie is doing great! And then we just chit chat because there’s not much else to say. Smile

* Head to our next destination (checking out a preschool closer to our new house) and Alex spends the drive there screaming because he’s hungry. So I get to the school and park in a spot so I can feed him in the car before we go inside. Get him out and ready to eat and…

*Maddie says, ”mom, I have gum in my hair”. Lovely. So I fix that (by ripping out some hair to get it out. And I also make a mental note that she isn’t getting anymore gum. Ever.

* Feed Alex, meeting at new school goes really well. Head to lunch to meet Chuck’s cousin and Chuck. Lunch actually went well. No complaints. (Thank goodness.)

* Get back home and to my utter dismay, the elevator still doesn’t work. So it’s time to huff it back up the stairs carrying Alex, holding on to Dannie and trying to get everyone down for rest time. Mom is exhausted and winded from walking up the stairs carrying 20 extra pounds.

* Nap time. Dannie loses her mind and doesn’t want to go to bed. I have no idea what went wrong. Maddie gets upset with me because I won’t let her play the iPad (because she already plays it too much) and cries “But I just love the iPad” and goes to her room to sob. Alex eats then will not go to sleep so I can work. This wouldn’t be a problem if he weren’t whining at me the whole time. (Not eating again right now, kid!) (And I do eventually get a little work done.)

* Time to head out to do a final walk-through of our new house. Elevator still doesn’t work. Down the stairs we go.

* We get there close to on time. When we get there Chuck takes me to a spot in the driveway and has me look at something. I see trees. I see houses, then I see it….MOUNTAINS! I can freaking see mountains from a certain spot in the driveway! This means a permanent chair will be set up in this location and I’ll spend my days looking at the huge, white-capped mountain. (I also may have done a happy dance!)

* Head home, while Alex cries the whole way. Get home and need to walk up those dang stairs again. I may cry.

* Put kids to bed and work a bit more, then eat a huge bowl of ice cream (mint chocolate chip) and start some tea. And I’m immediately thankful I made it through the day.

I can’t make this stuff up. Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day.


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Alex * 2 Months Old

Another month has gone by and our baby boy is two months old. This month has been busy while we have been house hunting, getting settled here in Washington, Chuck going back to work leaving me to fend for myself with these three monsters, getting into a groove after the move and time change and a whole bunch of other stuff.

But our little man has been acclimating well to all the craziness! He’s such a mellow little dude and is generally a happy guy. He’s most content when he’s being held….by me…all day long. But he’s so cute, it’s hard to say no!

At his recent doc appointment he weighed 10 pounds, 2.5 ounces and was 23.5 inches long. He’s long and skinny, just like Maddie was.

His sisters just love him. Sometimes they love him a little too much. But I’m glad they aren’t too upset by a new person taking all of my time.

I haven’t taken too many pictures of him, but that’s to be expected with a third kid, right? I’ll try to do better about that next month!


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Always Rainy in Seattle?

We've been here a week now and I can't complain about the weather at all! There have been a couple drizzly mornings, but overall, it's been great. Coming from Minnesota where it's so cold in the winter, I am loving these 40+ degree days. We wear sweatshirts, take walks outside…it's wonderful. There's also green grass and huge green trees. The leaves have fallen off trees, but with all the evergreens, it's still so lush and gorgeous here! And this coming week will be a little cooler, but sunny and no rain. Not needing to bundle the kids up to leave or go outside is so wonderful! I'm in heaven!


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Christmas 2014

This year Christmas was a little different. We celebrated with our families a bit early since we moved before Christmas. And since we were moving, I didn't want to move presents, so I had Amazon ship some gifts to our place in Washington. This worked out great! We needed to make a trip to Target to get basic stuff and Maddie asked for a little tree. So for $8, we made a little girl very happy! Maddie was worried Santa wouldn't find us when we moved, so having a tree made her confident we could be found. Chuck got some lights and Maddie decorated it with toys. :) It's definitely a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but we love it!

Maddie also asked for a gingerbread house. (She's kind of demanding this year!) So Chuck sweetly went on a hunt for one. Not only did he procure a gingerbread house (and lots of yummy toppings), but he also got Maddie a big bear. My dad had bought Maddie a huge bear one year and she plays with it all the time and loves sleeping on it. The other day she told us how much she missed her bear. (No worries, it's just packed with all our furniture; she will have it before too long.) So we wrapped it with a note from Santa saying he knew she missed her bear, so he sent bear's little sister to keep her company. She loved it and now bear is well loved here.

We even baked some cookies for Santa. Gotta have cookies!

In the morning, the girls opened gifts and spent the morning (mostly) playing nicely together! Chuck made us a big breakfast and we hung out playing with toys and relaxing. It was a perfect, low-key Christmas. The most important part was that the girls had a great day and we got to spend time together. I sure love my little family!
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The Adventure Begins

Last weekend, we packed everything we would want for the next couple months, packed up the kids, and headed to the airport to start our journey. We took Chuck's step-mom, Jean, with us to help with the kids and all our luggage. I'm not sure we could have done it without her!

We arrived at the airport and made our way through security and then had some lunch. The kids were really good and had fun looking at everything at the airport.

The girls did really well on the flight and played on the iPads through most of the trip. Maddie said it was fun and liked the bumps (turbulence). Dannie was really good until the last 10 minutes or so. She didn't want to be in her seat, didn't want to be held, and screamed through most of landing. But she's two, hadn't had a nap, was really tired and overall did great!

Alex was great! I fed him on takeoff and landing. He cried for a minute when I changed him, but slept through most of the flight. He's been to both sides of the country since I was pregnant when I went to New York! What a well-traveled 5-week old!

After a long day, we made it to Seattle. We were all tired and hungry, so we grabbed some food and made our way to our temporary housing. Then we put the girls to bed and fell asleep shortly after them. Alex even let me get a bunch of sleep that night. I was so thankful!

Stay tuned…there's more to come on our adventure!


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Family Necklace

Last year, Chuck picked out a necklace for me. This year I added a new stone to it for Alex. I love how it turned out!

We didn't go with birthstone colors. I love that Chuck picked darker colors for us and lighter ones for the kids. It's one of my favorite and most special pieces of jewelry! I highly recommend getting one.


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Robot Blanket

Chuck's mom has made lovely blankets for each of our kids when they are born. Maddie's blanket had a duck on it, Dannie's blanket is an owl, and I picked a robot for Alex's blanket. She puts their name, birth date and info and signs it.

I gave her this image as a guide for the robot.

And here's the blanket!

She did such a wonderful job! I just love it and I can't wait for him to use it and love it like the girls love theirs!


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Holiday Concert

Maddie had her Holiday concert at school last week. It was so cute. They sang about three songs. As you can imagine, it was a bunch of three year olds yelling, singing off-key and flailing their limbs around wildly. But oh so adorable!

She was so proud. She waved to us from stage and sang her little heart out!

This ended up being her last event for school. She was supposed to go one more day before they took a break until the new year, but with our upcoming trip and everyone in our house being under the weather, I couldn't risk Maddie catching and bringing home some new illness from school and kept her home.


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Alex * 1 Month Old

I’m not sure how this blog post is here already. My baby boy is 1 month old!
It’s been quite a transition to three kids. I’m actually glad we are moving because Chuck has been home to help out with the kids. I’ve really been trying to take it easy as much as possible so I can be in top-top shape for our move. The girls get along most of the time, but whining and fighting has been a frequent thing. We have so much going on and haven’t spent as much time with them as we would like (and that they need). But they both love their brother…maybe too much at times. :) They are so helpful with him and so gentle. I love when they want to hug him and say good night. Dannie waves and says “nigh nigh, brudder”. Melts my heart!

As of the other day, Alex weighs 8 pounds, 9 ounces. He’s had a big weight gain (over a pound in two weeks). But I’m not surprised by that because he’s been an around-the-clock, eating machine!

For the most part, he sleeps really well. Last week he got a cold and slightly elevated temp (which we are still dealing with.) It has made him wake up more at night. But he’s only 4 weeks old. I can’t complain because I am getting some sleep at night. I also try to take naps when I can.

Alex is such a sweet, happy baby…except when you strap him into his car seat. He very much dislikes it! :)

He is spending more time awake during the day. I just love his big (I think blue) eyes. He gets such a serious look on his face. I love how wise (annoyed?) he looks when he gets so serious!

Alex has definitely completed our family and we all love him to pieces. Happy 1 month birthday little man!




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